Hallobloodyween – over for another year !

Thank goodness halloween madness is over for another year. I do understand the origins of the festival and how it is part of the north american culture, but it has no relevance here in Uruguay, or back in Australia either where it rages this time of year – and I imagine these are not the only countries which have been subjected to the idiocy of north american marketing of masks, costumes, junk decorations of all kinds and those other must-haves for halloween – masses of wrapped sweets and silly bags, all kinds of totes and containers to put these offerings into – at least one pillow case was seen by yours truly here this year.

Last year I diligently answered every doorbell not realising just how many callers we’d have – we nearly went mad with them, and just after dark at the end, I’d have thought, of the exercise, I said “No – sorry” to one caller, who promptly threw an egg at the house. That panel had to re-painted, easy enough, but the ugliness of that little shit loose on the streets vandalising under the guise of trick or treating really made me mad. So this year we resolved to just not be at home, but I was still nervous about the odd frustrated vandal who might still lob one at the house anyway. DD’s suggestion was to put a dish out with lollies in it, and a sign suggesting please just take one – making the point that even if someone came along and found it empty they would know at least you tried and did enter the spirit of the night. It did seem to work – I watched from behind the curtains as the earliest kids read the sign and seemed to take one or two only. And when we did leave around 7pm, the box, only half full in this pic, was quite full – and by the time we returned long after any kids were about, it was empty, of course, but there were no signs of vandalism and no eggs on the front of the house.

The related Dia de los Muertos, today, is the festival that really counts here. Schools banlks and most offices are closed, many shops, probably the post office, and since this year it is on a thursday, many who can are addiing tomorrow and making a long weekend of it. Not having kids in school I’m not sure, but that they have made tomorrow a school holiday too might be recognition of the inevitable low attendance. Amazing, with senior and other vital finals coming up. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Warty Mammal says:

    I’m sorry Halloween was so unpleasant, although I do admire your term for it: “Hallobloodyween”.

    Next year you could try my husband’s technique for dealing with trick-or-treaters, although it might expose you to more lobbed eggs: put an empty bowl out on your porch at the start of the evening with a sign saying “Please take only one piece.” His claim is that kids who encounter the empty bowl will assume that some other kid emptied it before they got there.

  2. Helen Conway says:

    We get all the US influenced trick or treating in the UK too now. My husband answered the door to a group of kids who all stood there very politely while we, unprepared scrabbled around for sweets. Concerned about little kids wandering around on their own he watched them down the street and heard one say ‘What does trick or treating mean?’!

  3. Ferret says:

    I am in the UK too, and have discovered the low stress option for me is to be out. Doesn’t matter where I just object to the the kids demanding treats, I don’t get it. Isn’t this essentially blackmail?

  4. diva of quilts says:

    It’s ironic, but trick-or-treating is much in decline here in the U.S., or at least in my neighborhood. Well over half the houses just leave their porch light off, then the kids know not to knock. Most are with a parent, so no eggs. If my DD chooses to trick-or-treat, she is always in for a long hike to fill her bucket to make up for all the dark houses. A lot of churches, as well as our local library hosted free halloween parties, which seem to help entice the kids away from trick-or-treating. Personally I prefer the parties.

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