lace samples, and writing.

More interesting samples – this time showing their age plus dust, and the workmanship is even through all samples.

This group was given to me by a friend who found quite a lot on a market stall.
They are all on fairly fine cotton squares which have been hemmed by machine, and each piece is also backed by aging cream tissue paper whiy I am not sure. The whole lot of them are white on white samples.

The whole bunch, about 14, has been held together in one corner for some years by a large safety pin which has rusted in place.

And several of the designs are the same as I have already in my collection, which speaks of some kind of curriculum to a course of study at a school, college or institute.

This one, of quite pretty lace-ribbon embroidered flowers, is unusual and I really like it…. the rust stains over it say something about where it has been stored all these years….could be the beginning of an interesting little writing exercise. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Karen says:

    what a wonderful find! How old do you think these are? and the big question, what will you do with them? frame them use them or just admire them?

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