Refurbished oldies glitter again

Because someone I met recently was interested and asked me to blog these, after I was talking about the amazing Gold Treasure wax, well, here they are. Gold tennis shoes, bought in London 1992, ( by Grant, a brand well known in UK I believe) after a lot of wear these looked quite dull and shabby especially around the toecaps until I tackled them with the gold wax. I’m thrilled with the result, because these really comfy shoes have a new lease of life, plus they cost a serious amount and so I was not keen to let them go even though they’d “lost it”. At the time I bought them, I was having some foot problems, and my doctor said I really should be wearing joggers as much of the time as possible…. and that did not sit well with me even though it promised comfort and better foot health. And that very month or so, on my first ever trip to UK, these just stopped me in my tracks as I browsed my way down past the shoes shops in Old Bond Street. I think the time I really felt them do well for me was years ago when the doorman at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, who even back then must have seen it all before, offfered the unsolicited comment “Oh maam, I love those shoes”; basically they are “me” and I always feel good in them. Thank goodness glitter is big this year in conservative Montevideo, lots of glittery beads everywhere, and beautiful earings, and it extends to a lot of glitter on shoes. These maybe still a bit extreme for here, but they are going to be worn, and indeed have been, the other night to a concert of Mozart played by a visiting french orchestra in the wonderful Teatro Solis.

OK, this is a textile related blog for the most part, and these do qualify – beneath the side panels of glitter is actual yellow canvas to which the glitter is glued, or now starting to be not glued to, but enough is still hanging on there. Another textile aspect is the new laces I fashioned by twisted cords made from a lovely soft beige coloured, um string, really, with several gold strands entwined, too. Posted by Picasa

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  1. mark mcdean says:

    Fabulous, I finally get to see the shoes. Love the blog Alison and I am about to send you an email.

    Mark xx

  2. Julaine says:

    Fabulous…I’ve been wondering what to do with the Treasure Gold wax that I got…time to go through my closet!!!

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