A delicate segment to prompt the brain along

This is another of the lace samples I found in the markets at San Telmo while we were in BA a few weeks ago.

One of the themes of the South Project was how vital is the role of story telling in cultural connections and in coming to terms with the past there are stories to be told before constructing in the present. I did a short writing workshop with Ian Gedde NZ and Tony Birch, Aus, where a found object became the trigger to a piece of writing, not about the object itself, but a trigger to write some kind of story.

With this in mind, I think I have always been aware of these samples being a connection to the past, and valued them for that. But up to now I have not thought about their full potential to me and my inner creative self.

At least someone asked me what I am going to do with them – and more than ever I feel ‘nothing’ except go on collecting them. Several quiltmakers have suggested I make a quilt design using them all… nah, just going to let a few ideas swirl around in the cranial cavity for a while while I collect them and occasionally take them all out of their box and run them through my hands…. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judy Tasmania Oz,
    Alison, I’d never tought things we collect can lead our imagination down new roads, that is beside the usual suggestion to make a quilt out of it. Things have a right to continue to exsist in their own right not as a part of something new.

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