Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Well that’s the old fashioned phrase that came to mind when my new textile friend, Suzie Hammond, explained this lovely looking piece of furniture in her Santiago de Chile home last week.  She found it in a part of Santiago where interesting antiques abound, and restored the timber finish and replaced the upholstery.  As her husband Carl is a musician – piano and other signs of that are everywhere – I just assumed it was a piano stool with storage – the back was almost lost in some plants so that didn’t register too strongly to make me question my impression.

ironing board storage chair

Suzie told me, it certainly is a chair but not especially comfortable to sit in; and the seat does raise up to store something but only some papers or some sizes of sheet music; and the flip over back is actually an ironing table – that technically works but it does slope a bit and isn’t very good to use, either !   Goodness, I wonder who thought up that combination !! and what on earth do you call it – an ironing board with storage seat? or a seat with storage and attached ironing board? 

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  1. Actually let me clarify this oddity.

    The storage is supposed to be for an iron– except of course it is not quite deep enough for the iron I own. And a must admit than when doing a few bits and pieces down in the living room and I am too lazy to drag stuff up and down the stairs, I have put a towel on the board and used it to press blocks.

    The real challenge will be to see if my local favorite craftsman could make me a chair that did everything well including cushioning the nether parts while I chatted away to another artist… 😉

  2. Alison says:

    LOL Suzie – we didn’t discuss the iron storage problem at the time, I think. I guess I was focused on music storage and the odd size that made it not very useful for some other larger things.

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