This is NOT breaking my rule….

Fluffy kitties and equivalents do not have any place on this blog, but this IS textile related.

Many people down at the mercado del puerto for yesterday’s saturday lunch were charmed and amused by this pampered little poodle, “Poopi” according to how his owner pronounced his name, which I later realised could mean either young dog or could refer to his bowel habits…
What unfortunately you can’t see, since my only pic of him in motion was spoiled by someone stepping front of the camera, is that there is a nicely shaped knitted coat over his back and sides, too. Funnily enough it was a fresh but not very cold day – maybe she was taking the freshly completed outfit with dog fitted, for a test drive kind of outing. Those little red sox haven’t seen too much walking. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Felicity says:

    It’s downhill from here on in, Alison!

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