Nothing Succeeds Like Excess …

Or, how I am now planning to add another piece to this (as yet untitled) group for the Golden Textures exhibition.  My submission proposal did mention 4-6 pieces.   For several reasons, including  (a) a remark by visiting textile artist Regina Benson last week about  ‘an odd number’ and  (2) that although I had set a date for photography friday last with time to spare before my friend Suzie takes them with her to Australia later this month, I found I did need to postpone it, after all.  And as Eduardo won’t be back in his studio till 10th Dcember that gave me time to seriously consider adding a fifth piece.

So a couple of days ago I fiddled with a couple more sand ripple photos, chose one, cut a stencil and sprayed it, final dimensions not yet determined.  Yes, I know its crooked – I just quickly popped it up to confirm the effect – and gave myself a green light to go ahead.   Gold stitchery and quilting start his morning.

And, I now know I will need to be particular about the exact order in which the four are to be hung, because this placement isn’t ‘it’ .  A friend who has already seen this photo commented how the designs make her think of bones / skeletons.  It had occurred to me, too – and I am now thinking of the title with some possible inference….. but despite a few things swirling round up top, I haven’t started my usual list yet.

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