An Online Course

I have been a bit occupied the past few weeks with an online introductory course to Photoshop Elements 10.  There’s nothing like some course structure with a few deadlines – it helped me to work through the odd bits and pieces I already knew how to do and place them into an organised framework.  The Pixeladies’ course was terrific, and lots of the exercises we did using their little mannequin dolls, clothes and accessories etc.  But for the final exercise assignment I chose to work with several of my own photos – including a couple of the beach offerings my regular readers know are a focus of my attention:


I’m proud of all my efforts of course  🙂  but this next one, where I learned how to paste in into a selection, features one of the dolls with my choice of clothes and hair  and the background lifted from one of my own early mixed media works. The overalls were filled with pattern from Ivan and Tara’s wedding quilt – both of which can be seen in full in galleries elsewhere on this site.

And, obviously, I have learned a little about watermaking images too.


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