QN Entry #2

This is what it looked like a week ago, but of course it has moved on from here


and, clearly, moved on from this stage, too!


Subject to no further interruptions, the quilting will be done in a few hours’ time.  I have another finished, and this morning before sunrise I had yet another idea which I should be able to get together in a flurry before the photography deadline in just over a week from now…..of course, they need sleeves too, I always underestimate the time this takes, and guess I might have to ask Eduardo to move the photo shot back by a day, as usual.  ;-p

2 Responses to “QN Entry #2”

  1. kathy loomis says:

    they don’t need sleeves to be photographed!!! can’t tell you the times I have sewed sleeves on months later

  2. Paula says:

    dang girl! you are fast!

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