Fresh Patterns – Best Seen Early Morning

Fresh sand ripples caught in the early morning sun.


I was down on the beach early enough to capture these patterns in  bright clear light prevailing in the first half hour or so after sunrise- so they are full of contrast.  This makes them (and the pics from which they were derived) perfect subjects for the ‘pencil sketch’ treatment in Picasa:

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  1. Olga says:

    The sea and the wind do make wondrous sketches on the sand, and I envy your proximity to the shore. I’m hoping that we can move house soon to a shore of our own. Meantime I am fascinated by what you will make of these patterns. Given your existing work, I’m expecting delights. I certainly hope you have fun making it/them.

  2. Alison says:

    It’s the only time in 43 years’ married life we have lived really near a sea shore – well technically it is the River Plate, Rio del Plata, but so wide at this point it behaves like a river and you can’t see the other side, which is Argentina. Geologists and families don’t normally find themselves posted anywhere near the sea! In the current group I’m working on (see earlier post) I’ve been focused on the pattern of light areas against the darker, but these have reminded me to think about the potential of dark areas against light backgrounds … Fun? Certainly, and challenging to put thepattern into quilted fabric and thread effects. thanks for your comments Olga.

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