I submitted a proposal to an art quilt exhibition opportunity in Australia – where you have to outline and give sketches of a proposed work, suggest colours, list materials and techniques to be used – all a helluva lot of pre-planning committed to paper compared to what I usually do – a half page pencil sketch perhaps with some words and lists around the margins generally gets things organised enough in my mind to be able to start.

This image is typical of a number I included of beautiful patterns of sand ripples and textures, with the images manipulated to give the appearance of B/W  pencil sketches, and, without going into detail of the whole proposal, materials would include gold leather, some earthy neutral background fabric, like aubergine or charcoal, some gold metallic machine quilting, and, well,  other things may come to mind once a project is under way.  So, fingers X mine is one of the proposals chosen….but chosen or not,  I’ll probably make it in some form anyway.

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