Beaded Flapper Dresses continued …

A couple more beauties for those who love the elegance of yesteryear expressed through lovely lines, soft fabrics and beading.  Modern embroiderers and crafts people in general are currently ‘into beading’ , although it tends to be more chunky and often rather light on design; and its interesting how beading comes and goes from fashion.   Even many of today’s quilters who add beads to their works tend to be rather wimpy, adding just a few but stopping well short of the potential exuberance a mass of beading can express.  Wanting a quick fix, and swiftly executed with little of no patience I guess, just wanting to be part of whatever fad is the latest.  People often say to me about various aspects of the quilted textiles I make ” Where on earth do you find the patience to do this?”  It’s not a matter of patience, it’s just a matter of doing all that is required to produce the vision I have of the finished work. And I love doing most of the steps in the whole process – those one or two phases I don’t  ‘love’ I just accept do need to be got through to reach my perceived goal.  (and that’s where recorded books come in so handy) 

I love a bit of glitter myself, but tend to add it as earings or other temporary add-ons to the body beautiful.  My gold tennies are due for another airing now that summer bbq weather is coming.  Imelda M and I have a collection thing in common – hers was shoes of course, and I can’t rival her in that department – but I could give anyone a run for their money in earings.  It irritated me a bit yesterday to find one earing on the floor of the wardrobe.   I realised I hadn’t worn them in  quite a while – and then couldn’t find the other one anywhere in the cupboard or in the crowded box the pair lives in.  I hardly ever lose an earing, and love them all, cheapies and more costly ones alike.  Earings are a wonderful little souvenir of anywhere you are travelling, and I can remember where I bought each pair in that category.  But I digress.  Back to glitter of yesteryear… enjoy these beauties:

This gorgeous dress was displayed to show the back interest, with a mirror placed so that the viewer could also see the front. The elegant tassel hanging down from beneath the lace layer, and the beading at the back of the waist are shown in more detail below.

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  1. I think the same as you, my point of view. Best wishes! (:

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