Beach Offerings Continue

I am so glad I took my camera – in fact I’m rarely without it these days when I walk on the beach.  The past week has produced some unusual beach offerings – these have quite elaborate and individually styled, not just a mere plonking down of a dead something some flowers and food.  About 10 days ago there was a group of two small goat heads and one severed partial leg in the sand.  Gruesome, and I have no idea why. 

Two young goat's heads and one partial leg - no signs of any other parts.


A few days later this interesting arrangement was down near the incoming tide, right where I usually access the beach – there was no one in sight,  but it cannot have been there long. 

In the early morning light, the orientation, which always feels to me to be the same, is clearly to the south east more or less… towards the Atlantic a couple of hundred miles away from this Montevideo beach at Carrasco. Here it is technically the River Plate, but very wide even at this point and behaves like ocean.


This poignant one above speaks to me of babies, one male and the other female, and very young I’d judge by the feeding bottles and the dummies/comfortors/chupas in pink and blue. Among the flowers are pink and blue ribbons. Are these babies on the way, have they been born and this is a thakyou gesture? Have they been lost? Pulled at my heartstrings, anyway.


And then today, this one, again as in all the pics the heads of the sacrificed birds are all nearest the sea with the bodies arranged in a general SE direction. What was different was the 7 or 8 bags of food (corn in one, beans another, something unidentifiable that looked like stew, and so on) arranged in a circle around them, and a sandy hollow near every bag with the remains of a candle sitting in the sand.   Near the white hen’s head was a jar of something that looked like candied honey – but forgive me – I did not stoop to smell it even, let alone dip my finger in …..


Now that I have been paying serious attention for a while, you can imagine my photo files are expanding and include striking differences in among common themes.  Later this week I will be travelling for a while but will resume my coastal walks when I return – hope I don’t miss something amazing.  I feel like begging one of my friends to take a camera to the beach each day while I’m away ….

5 Responses to “Beach Offerings Continue”

  1. kathy loomis says:

    Alison – I have walked on a lot of beaches but have never seen this type of installation. Is it religious in nature? Do you know anything about why people make these arrangements? I am fascinated.

  2. Patty Ashworth says:

    Very odd stuff. Is this just what an animal dragged down there? It is interesting, but leaving dead animals down there is kind of disgusting. Can’t be very clean either. I do find it fasinating that there are people leaving “offerings” to the water/beach…. thought about setting up a camera on a motion sensor?

  3. Ros Gale says:

    Hi Alison
    Did you tell the police. It looks like someone is not quite right doing these things.

  4. Alison says:

    it’s a cultural/spiritual thing, to find out more go back to my first posts on this late January/early february of this year – spiritual biefs surrounding Imanja ,goddess of the sea – you can follow a link posted or google her for more information. No reason to report this to the police.

  5. CB says:

    how bizarre! and superstitious; kind regards, Charles

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