Sand Tracks Low Tide

Signs that the beach is constantly undergoing change- these are tracks of water and wind activity


Although the beach cleaner hadn’t been along there was little rubbish contrary to my expectations; but despite plenty of insect repellent the little black flies were really annoying.  And, a couple of serious offerings right down near the edge of the last high tide mark, which was low on the beach – I wonder do the supplicants keep an eye on the tide statistics and times, etc ? 

Two interesting offerings this morning - the lower left is one, two white doves, the other three are all of the same offering. The terracotta pot was somethng different - containing feathers and water and ?...I didn't explore further, would have had to use my hand ;-o

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4 Responses to “Sand Tracks Low Tide”

  1. gerrie says:

    I just love this collage of photos.

  2. Lynne says:

    Why is it that to get good photos it seems that one needs to brave the elements, be up before dawn or get bitten to death? Good for you to have persevered. The pix are wonderful.

  3. Alison says:

    Thanks Lynne and Gerrie – sorry, I didn’t mean to post the same one twice – got sidetracked going out to lunch and came back to find a message from someone … I hope you like the ‘offerings’ collage as well.

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