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Very New Work

Thursday, January 7th, 2010


My regular readers will remember the texture of this work which I showed in two posts oct. 22 and 31st last year.  Now it is on display at www.galerialoscaracoles and featured in the lovely little 8p colour catalogue produced for the opening event last night and now in circulation, I can post the full view of this and several other new works for all to enjoy.  Not many of you will make it to the gallery at Jose Ignacio in Uruguay this summer.

“Timetracks 15”  is large – 110cm h x 225cm w.  Like a number of other pieces in this developing series, it is about the decay that disturbs the quality of every surface you can think of, including landscape, natural and man-made objects, (animal, vegetable and mineral), landscape, skin –  any surface will show changes given the passage of enough time.  The destruction of the textile surface is often accomplished with my trusty wood burning tool acting on a suitable fabric – one that responds to burning in other words.  A couple of newer pieces appear below – first is “Timetracks 15”  The second one, “Post Apocalyptic Lace”, could herald yet another direction this group of work will take.

In the gallery I was impressed to see that these narrow vertical works are beautifully displayed against the clear glass panels of the pair of doors in the main entrance – almost looking as if they were sized for those two spots.

The season opening party at the gallery featured about 20 pieces of my work, beautifully arranged, and many people came and looked at mine and the well-stocked collections of other gallery artists’ works.  When we arrived at the gallery a few hours before the opening time to drop off some last minute things, I was a bit amazed and of course, delighted, to find so many more than the handful of pieces I expected to be out on show that evening.  They say the last week of the month my work will be ‘featured’ – what more they could do to feature my work I am not quite sure, but something tells me I should put the pedal to the metal and get a couple of wip’s completed….

Tempus Fugit, Indeed

Monday, February 26th, 2007

On my most recent visit to the sunday markets I found this table display of watch faces and empty watch cases – I wonder what happened to all the hands, though? Maybe those were what the stallholder had originally wanted and had no use for the rest of the stuff….

I’d have bought some if I could think of anything at all to do with them…. feel free to make some creative suggestions – I am sure he will be there again when we go in the next few weeks.

But these blank expressions of time having departed are a reminder of how much I still want to achieve, and have photographed, before my next trip away …this past weekend we spent a couple of days with friends down in Punta del Este – divine weather, wine, seafood, lovely pool in garden/parkland setting – and although I took the current work (blogged in the previous post) now all layered and pinned, I didn’t actually do a single stitch!!! But never mind, the company was good and the vinos excellent… but then having spent today meandering across the country on the way back, via a drill site to be checked by DH in the course of his work (and an hour’s reading done out there) in effect tomorrow will need to be a serious quilting day. I think the quilting I have in mind, over the size it is, it could all be done in one day. I might even get to start cutting out the myriad of bits, small, I have in mind for the next, large, work. Not much leather punching this time – although its perhaps a pity to waste the callouses worked up in the course pf the prep work for the current one, though!

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