This One’s Going To Take A While, Continued…

I posted the previous article on this project just a little over a month ago, June 22nd. Though I’m putting as much time in as possible, it is taking at least as long as I thought it would. I did estimate the number of concentric square units wrongly, but essentially 11 rows of 11 units works out at 121, so I must have just transposed figures, which I do tend to do a little – but didn’t realise until I put the whole thing up on the design wall today and understood why I was finding I had a few more than I expected to finish in the outer row.

Now that the whole design is almost finished, and I feel the ‘brown’ ones, of deeper gold shimmering sheer fabric strips overstitched with copper thread, are coming up just a bit too dark.

I have few options –

  • do nothing – see upper left
  • unpick some copper thread and sew over the fabric strips in gold thread – see right of of this pic.
  • add some gold stitches in amongst the copper stitches to lighten those units a bit – the central of the right square, and the fight side of that square.

It was evening when I finished doing this sample square, and in the night light it didn’t seem to make enough difference to justify the amount of extra work to change all the coppery blocks. However I’ve left it pinned to the design wall and will make a final decision when I see it in the morning light.

I have just 5 blocks of the outer row to finish.

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