The Glorious Straight Stitch 2


Straight stitch sample 4

Auditioning for ‘red’ turned up a piece of red lame, which I’ve never been able to use – someone gave it to me I think – although it frays easily and in the past I’ve found it very hard to handle and avoided it.  With bonding, though, new avenues open, so I bonded some on the straight (upper RH) and some on the cross  (upper LH)  Bonded, this material handled a lot better than I dared hope – no threads seemed to shift at all in either sample while I stitched, so that’s encouraging….. but I couldn’t get a photo where each section of the lame photographed equally well, seemingly because they’re on different angles.

The lower sample is a better shot of the sample in the previous post, and, so back to the cutting table and iron.

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