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Small Works

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

These are some mini landscapes composed in freehand patchwork, a large group of which I did several years ago for an exhibition.  They were framed in fabric, hand quilted in a minimalist way (by this time between 6″ and 9″ dimensions)  then mounted on woven recycled newspaper mounts, which seemed like a good idea at the time.

A year or two back I removed those that hadn’t sold from their newspaper mounts and brought them back to Uruguay with me.  Well I tidied my workroom a couple of weeks ago, and in that process found them, and have since mislaid them again.  ‘The painters have been in…’   is my current excuse .  But wherever they are lurking, they have been somewhere in the forefront of my mind since a recent conversation about new work in general with Miguel at Galeria Los Caracoles; and so I am doing some new small pieces to be mounted in some way. I have ideas on that of course that do not involve newspaper in any form, and will try a couple out.  These small compositions are merely 5″-6″ across.  The first one I made I cropped out of the photo because by comparison it looked really crappy.  So now what you see as the left hand one is just ‘OK”,  and then the right hand one, the 3rd I made,  I feel is getting nearer the mark of where I want to be with this work:

Obviously, they are ‘tops’ only –  and so therefore WIPs, but for today I am content to continue on with these mini compositions and see what  develops further… getting my eye in you might say.   Black’s dramatic, ecru will be lovely and quite different, plus I have several lovely colours of some hand dyed fabrics that will be interesting borders, too.  However I present them finally, I will not be weaving mats of recycled newspaper on which to mount them !

One interesting thingI find is that whenever I re-visit older work, something new and a bit different emerges, and it is often surprising.

Landscapes of a kind …

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Wandering along a NZ beach a few weeks back I was pleased to see these
patterns left by the receding tide.
The top one is very landscape like – reflections of trees in water maybe?
The middle one is rather delta like, and the bottom one was most likely initially formed of algae bubbles now dried out a little and collapsed like a row of calderas.
I don’t necessarily plan to do anything with these mini erosional and
depositional patterns, they just appealed to my eye and might inspire
something some time in the future, and maybe not.

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My quilt at Quilt National 07

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Greetings from Greeley, CO, where this is the first chance after a rather hectic few days in Athens and subsequent travelling and family visiting that I have some computer time on an unfamiliar computer – takes 3x as long to do anything!
Here I am in front of “Timetracks 1”, my third QN appearance, to add to those in 1993, 1995; it’s been a while although I have entered every time. The opening was very crowded of course, and this was taken the following morning at the special viewing opportunity for exhibitors and SAQA participants, many of which overlapped. The quilt itself is on black cotton fabric, and the segments in the blocks are of applied leather, held on by stitches sewn from behind, partly because bonding and a leather adhesive I had did not hold for long. At QN07 I met someone who helpfully suggested a suitable adhesive would be barge cement, and I will be taking some back down south with me to try. I will post results of those experiments.

It was great to see many people I knew, and meet some very interesting new ones there at at the SAQA conference over the several days, and it was particularly great to have present two of my closest textile friends from Perth Western Australia, Cherry Johnston , and Wendy Lugg, who took this pic.

Over all there were some very interesting pieces in the show, the usual few that I felt should not have been included – but we’ve all felt that way over large juried exhibitions, haven’t we. The quilt you can just see in the background was a work among several shown to us on slide night by Kathy Weaver from her Robo Sapiens series, a very clever and witty comment on the modern world. I really enjoyed her work. There were so many others to marvel at – but right now I am heading off for the day with DDaughter here in CO, and still mentally sorting and sifting my impressions from a crowded few days, and that will be compounded by what the SDA conference in Kansas City holds, to which I head out tomorrow evening. There will be even more food for thought and will write some more later.

On Second Thoughts …

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Sometimes some of the best ideas, tackled with confidence, get to a stage where that confidence sags, uncertainty about what to do next creeps in…. and so it did, before last christmas, with this one.

I was all gung-ho up to and including several lines of quilting in the grid arrangement that so appeals to me. For some reason I assumed this composition, (a downward push or an upward surge if turned up the other way) would look just fine superimposed on and sort of interrupting the grid – but it didn’t look as good to my real eyes as it was going to in my mind’s eye.

Whether the grid wasn’t the right scale for the action trendlines, I am not sure, but anyway I rolled it up and put it away, and started another piece. In December we had visitors, and long summer holidays; but my recent return to serious work prompted me to pull it out again. Another thing was that my gallery guy, Yamandu, said he’d like to see some more horizontal pieces …. Seeing as how I had gone off this one, I did think of chopping it down… that worked marvels with another smaller piece, so why not this?

So a week ago, out it came, and I realised I was loathe to trim it down, after all. Then I pull ed out the first few lines of quilting I’d done in the grid, sprayed the fabric with a fine mist of water and pinned it up on my design board to dry – this was to restore the pristine appearance of the fabric.

Over the next few days I walked past it many times, and at last I was reminded of what it was about the composition I’d wanted to convey and had lost sight of. Suddenly yesterday it came to me, and in just an hour last evening I sat down and began some free motion machine quilting. Now I feel it is going well , and know that soon I will reach a point where any more will be overdoing it. After that, any quilting still necessary for technical/constructional purposes that seems to be outside the thrust zone, so to speak, could well be done in black, and therefore be less visible.

So, while I decide just how much more to do, and where, this piece is currently back on the wall, and I am thinking of it as “Timetracks 4” Today on one of the discussion lists I read, there is an item about someone’s crisis of confidence mid- creation, so I am posting this as an example of how I deal with something that is bothering me – I put it away for a while. Someone else said she runs a warm fragrant bath and looks at it while soaking, but that sounds a bit too intense for me, as I’d have some expectation of needing to work it out before the water gets too cold….

I have another ‘currently bundled away’ and I feel pretty certain I will throw it out soon – of course, I will salvage the basting safety pins, the batting and backing pieces before chucking the rest. Leaving a true UFO sitting around can be very inhibiting, I have found, and once in a blue moon I just have to admit one is going nowhere, and ditch it. Just as in any room in the house I dither aimlessly if the rubbish bin or waste paper basket is overflowing

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Anatomy of a Commission – Day 1

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

The client commissioning this piece had chosen bright colours, mentioning bright sunsets viewed in Mexico, and wanting something landscapey and mentioned in particular her love of marshlands. She concluded that she’d prefer a horizontally oriented piece, and I think she made a wise choice. So what with her colour choice being also my own, I am looking forward to this project.

Day one, the actual start of the piece, was monday of this week, 6 days ago or a week tomorrow.

Here the fabrics are being all set out in order of expected use. Necessary auxilliary equipment includes a supply of meaningful cds, some I haven’t listened to in a while. My goodness , Neil Diamond wrote some wonderful stuff, I had remembered the music but when I came to this collection of 60 of his greatest hits, I was astounded at some of the lyrics that had not registered with me when we first became fans decades ago – around the Hot August Night album time – full water spray bottles for ironing as we go – some of this fabric has been wrinkled up in my fabric stash bags for years…. my mobile phone’s on the table (not everyone uses it but people who reeeaaally need to get in touch with me do – like DH for example., and anyone else can and will leave a message on the phone downstairs) The final piece of equipment you can’t see – it is the camera I’m usingto snap progress at intervals.

Interesting is that in this fabric collection are several pieces which although I had put them in when auditioning, during the subsequent construction just did not have a positive impact, or were wrong in some unexpected way, and so they are not in the final piece. This is as a result of cutting and sewing as I go, one piece at a time.

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