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Finishing Off, x 2

Saturday, January 30th, 2021

First, here’s a better colour photo of Pandemic Pattern 4 sample – these neon colours are hard to capture. The 6″ x 8″ little piece is ready to mail off to SAQA next week.

Pandemic Pattern 4 sample 6″ x 8″

Second, in 2008 complete redesign of my website included moving my blog, Greetings From Montevideo, over from Blogger and incorporating it into this website. In the process, somehow several posts didn’t survive the transfer, and I could never get into Blogger again to check how many – though I knew it wasn’t many. This morning browsing around in Pinterest I somehow stumbled onto my old blog, and there they were, 11 posts as it turned out, beginning with my introductory post of March 19th 2005, which did not include a photo, because as I’d posted that day, I hadn’t yet learned how to upload one onto my new blog site 🙂

There were 10 other posts as it turned out, but none of them very interesting these days to anyone but me, really, however, I will try to get them moved across by Derry at Gloderworks so that my blog record is complete; though now I’ve discovered the beginning bits, in a way it won’t matter much if he can’t. My first post concludes with this sentence: “I make quilts, but the ferias and antique shops of Montevideo have provided happy hunting grounds over the years for the kinds of things I might have made if, instead of studying in the 60’s, I had put time and effort into a glory box and a trousseau….” It’s true, I have bought some lovely hand embroidered linen table cloths and serviettes that I love using. It also made me think of the leather pieces which have frequently appeared in my art in the time I’ve been here. I don’t think young women make trousseaus for their glory boxes these days – most wouldn’t have any idea what either was, I imagine.

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