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Beach Offerings, cont.

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

For all my readers who are enjoying this series of pics and comments, yesterday I found this rather prim, modest little offering, carefully placed just beyond the high tide mark –

Beach Offering, With Daisies

I think under the covering of cooked rice it looked as if there was a white dove, but as I never like to disturb these things in any way at all,  I didn’t poke around to check.  The ‘silver’  (plastic) 10″  platter is one that tarts and small quiches in supermarkets come on.  Note the daisies – denoting spring? or  renewal of life? Same sentiments I guess, especially when taken with the eggshell halves.  Winding in and around these, but hard to see, was a ribbon of paper with some symbols and numbers on it, but the symbols I could see made little sense to me.   It’s interesting that although I have little exact idea what the messages are, usually, they always ‘feel’  important there at the edge of the water.  Anyway they’re not for me and other passers-by at all, but reaching out to Imanja, the goddess of the sea herself.

All in all, this one felt like a positive message.

Sand Tracks Low Tide

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Signs that the beach is constantly undergoing change- these are tracks of water and wind activity


Although the beach cleaner hadn’t been along there was little rubbish contrary to my expectations; but despite plenty of insect repellent the little black flies were really annoying.  And, a couple of serious offerings right down near the edge of the last high tide mark, which was low on the beach – I wonder do the supplicants keep an eye on the tide statistics and times, etc ? 

Two interesting offerings this morning - the lower left is one, two white doves, the other three are all of the same offering. The terracotta pot was somethng different - containing feathers and water and ?...I didn't explore further, would have had to use my hand ;-o

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