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Improvisation – The Art Of It

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

This week I have been putting together some images and answering interview questions for a guest blogger appearance on Jen Broemel’s instagram site  in the last week of this month. I just love being asked questions about my work, so thank you Jen – I will let everyone know the day it goes up.

The questions included some thought provoking ones, and I answered them before looking at Jen’s own work or any of her blogging – just to be sure what I was writing was just my thoughts and experiences tinged by no one else’s. I sent a couple collages of quilts made in the improvisational style of piecing I have been doing for 25+ years now, alongside the sketchbook diagram I often as the kind of ‘recipe’ to make each. This one won’t be in the article – the image for ‘Kimberley 1’, an irregular shaped piece photographed against a black background is not really good – a bit grainy”

Kimberley 1, 1995, alongside the sketch/plan – showing my planning process – to which is added only the live auditioning of fabrics.

Now that I’ve sent her my material, it is fun to go into the site and see how other respondents handled the same queries about their work. Take this week’s artist, guest #24, Brian Phillips, from Austin TX. I was taken by his comment – “Silence and I don’t get along.” With his favourite music genres playing in the background, he paints on salvaged materials, mostly wood. the size of the salvaged material essentially determines that of the painting. Sometimes in the presence of a thrilling material/fabric I have found this, too! A few years ago I bought the remainder of a roll (only about 1 1/2 yds, unfortunately) of vinyl faux patent leather. Simply put, it grabbed me. Cutting a little strip off the end to experiment with, I used the remaining c.95% in the one work, Land Marks and if I ever see that stuff again, no matter the colour, I will buy some.

I was really hoping to find some of it on my recent visit to a very large fabric store in Denver CO. They didn’t have it, but they did have some clear vinyl sheeting which urged me to part with US$2/yard for a total of $10 worth of exciting potential; and some thrillingly sheer polyester organza – yes I’m still mentally on that sheers thing. I haven’t had time for any experiments yet, but hopefully will this coming week.

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