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Architectural oddities section: a magnficent folly perhaps ?

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

A new holiday house was noticed at Jose Ignacio last week. Indeed, you could hardly miss this one. They say travel broadens the mind, but sometimes I think people bring back the darndest concepts from their travels; and in this case, IMHO, someone spent serious time in the presence of ancient Roman aqueduct ruins somewhere. Many Europeans now spend vacation time in this area of Uruguay at this time of year, perhaps this is to remind someone of home.

The actual house is two levels; there were people lounging on the patio so I didn’t like to intrude with my camera – although I am tipping I will be only one of many to photograph the amazing, eye-catching, puzzling but certainly grand, exterior of this house this season.
You can see an umbrella just between the columns towering above the centre and right pots, and between those same pots themselves just a hint of the lower part of the house. Now, a structure like this deserves a sweeping parkland setting, perhaps a low but expansive grassy knoll. A decent bit of earthwork would have really enhanced the imposing quality of this structure, but look where they put it… Posted by Picasa

Casa Aguila

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

– the eagle house, another from the architectural oddities file, possible Folly…
This intriguing construction, cement with stone veneer, from the ’40s, overlooks the beach at Atlantida on the central west coast. It is currently undergoing repair and rennovation – for years abandoned and subject to the encroaching beach erosion, blowing sand and so on. Now one can go right in, from the balcony on which people are standing, and up some steep stairs to come out on another little balcony with a view, contained in the bird’s beak. The rooms are tiny, and it’s by no means your comfy beachside residence. there is a back entrance to the fithg of this photo, past the bird’s shoulders. Apparrently before the cliffs began to be eroded the complex included a construction of a ship’s bow complete with some figurehead – that has crashed into the sea but the dunes/cliffs have now been stabilised and the house itself remains at the top of the cliff. Posted by Picasa

Architectural Oddities section….#1

Monday, December 12th, 2005

Summer’s here and once again we will be out and about with the camera. This one we captured last year, but I just did not get round to including it in a post.

Normally such a structure would be either a grain silo, or perhaps a chimney stack; it’s rather tall for a bell tower, and there’s no one living for miles around, anyway. If it were painted white, or here in Uruguay red and white, and out on the point of a rocky headland or a rocky near-coastal island, we’d presume it was a light house.

The absence of paint, a large light, smoke or a bell at the top rules out those suggestions. The metal framed sliding windows at intervals up the wall suggest a structure either designed (?) or adapted for living…. we just don’t know. But if we’re out that way this summer we might just see if we can find someone in the vicinity who doesn’t mind a couple of nosey strangers asking questions…… Posted by Picasa

#2 : desirable seaside retreat

Monday, December 12th, 2005

This is another from last summer’s Architectural Oddities section from last summer, too, but it is still there. Obviously it will be enjoyed by those whose luck it is to have this near-seaside home with balcony views as their holiday home ….. Posted by Picasa

Interesting architecture section.

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005


goodness I had my camera saturday as we drove through an area we were not familiar with.

Every now and then we find something remarkable architecturally speaking, and this one goes into the Uruguayan Architecture file, (oddities subsection)

We were particularly struck by the custom designed gates at the front entrance, showing up better in the detail.

We have seen a number of follies like this in places around Australia, and always wonder what motivates the builder/designer to go to such extremes.

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