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Satin Covered, But Apparently Hazardous!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

It never occurred to me this would be turned back – the security officials in the departures area at the Montevideo airport last week insisted that because it was metal, I would not be able to take this item through in my hand luggage! I had feared they might question how long it was since the genuine horsehoe inside had been on a farm or at a rececourse. I was blown away, gobsmacked. I pleaded that this accessory is a symbol for luck to give to our DD at her wedding on friday night – but no go.
It’s not large – max 5″, but it is a genuine metal (iron?) one, quite heavy, and covered with palest almond satin ribbons and fake flowers. It would have gone just fine with the ivory dress. Well, I wasn’t going to hand over this frothy creation of mine for someone to just toss into a bin – and fortunately I was early enough to call someone to the airport and take it home for me. When DH and I go up again in a few months’ time for the fiesta/reception we’ll take it in our checked luggage. When the officials saw my dismay they were very kind, but most insistent; and my linguistic skills didn’t run to the finer points of whether or not this was weapons grade metal – and so I didn’t crack any jokes. These guys have guns on their hips. I suppose there was a danger I could have tossed it and knocked someone out – quite ridiculous. Actually I have always thought how easy it would be to do someone a serious injury with the one thing that every traveller carries – a ball point pen. But at least American Airlines entrust their passengers with actual metal knives – unlike our own aussie Qantas , who, last time I travelled with them were still issuing eaters with grey, metallic-looking, but pathetically weak plastic knives.

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