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Gloved hands = BBQ Tools

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I have been visiting some of my distant family in the past couple of months, and when I returned from the USA, our daughter and one grandson were down here for a couple of weeks.  This pic is from the travels we did in the north of the country while they were here.  

In Paysandu as we were leaving town to head west over to Artigas, we noticed this bbq array aka a  ‘parilla’ on the street outside a social club – lunch for a large number of people, some event maybe? Yes, it turned out a group of students were visiting from Montevideo – the guys told me there were 15 of them; but there are enough chickens cooking here for at least 4 times that number,  so perhaps a lot of locals were involved in the event.  Well, you may be thinking there’s nothing remarkable about that, surely. BUT get a load of the gloves on the parillero’s hands – without the aid of more conventional bbq tools,  he used gloved hands to turn and reposition the cooking bird halves …. I really hope those gloves are washed and sparkling white every time he cooks!

Well, anyway these were the ‘textile note’  in a comment on local colour.


Architectural oddities dept.

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Close to the downtown area, this really caught my eye and I found myself wondering what it would feel like to occupy one of these apartments without even a small balcony,
front or back. it stands on a very narrow triangular block where roads converge or diverge depending on your point of view.

We had a force 3 hurricane here in Montevideo nearly a year ago – I just feel the slender construction of this building might have made that an even more unpleasant time for the occupants than for those of us in buildings of a larger footprint/height ratio. Posted by Picasa

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