Gallery - The Creative Stitch; pre-1988.

From 1978 to 1988, my geologist husband's work took us to to live in some wonderful Australian Outback places.   The landscapes were always in stark contrast with my home state, Tasmania. I took a class in creative embroidery in 1976, and during the next few years took other workshops and classes with prominent teachers, along the way discovering the powerful combo of fabric+paint+stitch.

By showing these early stitched works, I hope to give you some idea of the background I brought to the art of the quilted textile as I became a maker of quilts in 1989.    Looking back at them I am always struck by the enduring themes that morphed and assumed new significance down the decades.  Along the way I've developed understanding and appreciation of the ancient art of decorating surfaces with thread.  That some of us today use machines of various kinds in addition to the hand-held threaded needle in no way isolates us from these ancient roots; it is all part of that vast area of human endeavour known as 'needlework', to use a very quaint expression from yesteryear.  In a time when all the manual crafts and arts are undergoing exciting recombinations with digital technologies tossed into the mix, I don't think it hurts to hark back to this old term occasionally.  Terms are so difficult and often very limiting; nowadays I prefer 'mixed media' but will answer to almost anything.  I will add to these pics some time, when I track down a few snaps and slides I have back home in Perth WA; but for the moment, this is a small selection.  Enjoy!