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SAQA Challenge, Day 70

Monday, October 11th, 2021

It’s hard to believe we’re on day #70. Pictured here are three of the most recent ones all in a related theme. I’m using Mistyfuse adhesive bonding web to at least hold the fabric pieces in place until they’re stitched down. Synthetic fabrics (in the 3rd sample the orange organza) don’t hold as well as natural fibres, like cotton, linen and wool; and leather works but tends to buckle or curl once enough heat’s been applied to actually bond it to a fabric. So making samples with a variety of fabric types does teach a lot about individual handling, which helps shape plans for larger project use of particular materials and techniques. fused circles, hand stitch. fused circles, hand stitch fused organza, hand stitch.

I haven’t done today’s little piece yet, but there are several on the list; think sliced stuffed olives. I made 3 in the last couple of days, having slipped behind a little last week ( talk about pressure! ) So I need to do today’s, plus at least one more today to get ahead a little. Tomorrow I have a long dental appointment (but it is within a few minutes’ walking distance) The next day I have a medical one (25mins Uber trip away, but the appointment will be brief). So I’m adding a necessary hair cut and a little urgent shopping in the same part of town as my polyclinic, that way I can kill 3 birds with one stone… but it will take the best part of 4+ hours, a sizeable chunk of the day.

This morning, checking through one of the daily lists Pinterest sends of things I might like, I paid close attention to an interesting work on the cusp between soft sculpture and contemporary stitchery, by fibre artist Wendy Watson of New Zealand. It’s calling to me to do something like it if I can, and I have in mind threads and techniques she might have used, though I’m not planning to go into encaustic with it as she has.

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