Road Safety With Flair

P8160067On a wet day in Fremantle earlier this week,  this head gear really caught my eye as I crossed the road to a bookshop, its wearer entering just ahead of me.  I couldn’t resist asking Jeremy, as he turned out to be, to allow me to take a pic as he prepared to go on his way.  He has several, apparently – slip on covers that go over his cycle helmet.   He was such a good sport about a zany request from a strange woman, but  as he was in a hurry I didn’t have time to ask him who makes them – perhaps Perth-ites have seen them around and know where to get them.  I thought it wonderful that a guy would wear something so, well, eye catching.  And that’s the whole point, of course !

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  1. Can’t help but wonder if it keeps the swooping magpies at bay -much more fashionable than all the straws poking out of helmets that I keep seeing!

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