The Quilted Banners as Viewed by The Public

1988 touring quilt bannersSo continuing with the clean out upstairs I found the poster I mentioned in yesterday’s blog ! I think I was able to order or wander into the PO and buy it, can’t remember now, but at least I was able to have this even if we were not able to be in Aus that year and missed it all.

The top 3 rows are the letters – they had to be a certain minimum height within the proscribed area.  A huge variety of techniques were used by the different groups.  The lower 3 rows are the pictures/scenes/designs that related to the regions.   So, 0ur ‘H’  is 3rd in from the left on the 3rd row down, then the nugget on the diamond is bottom row, 3rd in from the right.  Seen as coming and leaving.  Several people have written to me offering pictures, related and unrelated information – thanks to all who’ve responded.  I’ll act on some of the advice.

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