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This week, my photographer here in Montevideo, Eduardo Baldizan  took pics of a number of my tetrahedron shapes.  This one is called “Rainbow”, and like all in this series so far, is 18cm x 18cm x 18cm x 15cm.   The dimensions result from the size of the quilter’s equilateral triangle I used to cut the shapes out of template plastic, it being a workable size for what I was planning.  The previous couple of previous posts give some insight into my construction process.

rainbow blog

Of course, cutting plastic shapes leaves scraps, some of them odd shaped, as in these ones from stencil making.  I don’t throw such things out in a place where I’d be lucky to find any of this particular material in a shop here.  Only yesterday was thinking that all these pieces are surely useful for something.

stencils 1 blog

It’s marvellous how the brain keeps turning things over while you’re asleep.  This morning around 4am I was woken by a bunch of party goers out in the street, who eventually got in a car and drove away.   Bless them – it took ages to get back to sleep; but in that time I had several brain waves, beginning with how useful these could be in making elements for use in the little collage pieces I have been doing small collatge 1 blogsmall collatge 2 blog

and presenting on little 20cm x 20cm canvas stretchers.   For example, they could provide a base over which threads could be wrapped to provide a warp for needlewoven elements as in this 1987 creation “Behind The Scenes 2”, which back then were mounted over cardboard.

Behind the Scenes 2

And further, elements could be placed with a spacer behind so it appears to float a little above the rest of the collage.  I was so excited this kept me awake for at least another hour.

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