It’s Friday Again, So Have Some More Fish

Tessellations are fascinating, and the lines of fish in motion provide plenty of opportunity for tessellating a shape or two by a graphic designer, the master of them of course being the dutch designer  (Maurits Cornelis) MC Escher , and there are heaps of marvellous tessellations here, though it is hard to tell if all of them are his – the page seems diluted by other people’s work as you scroll down – typical.   However, just let your eyes wander over the page, and especially enjoy the images I selected to show today.

There are lots of videos but this first very short one is inspiring and is followed by several tutorials on how to make a tessellation.  I didn’t go into them – but good to know they’re there if I develop a yen to design something that way.

This one is pictured in an Escher  bio page I visited,  and is shown as a bas relief panel applied to a building with the caption “…Escher-like mural…” but considering where it is,  I’m taking it as at least based on one of his designs.

fish and birds escher blog









This next one is also of birds and fish, which I think is Escher’s –

Escher tessellation fish








and finally this marvellous Escher 1940-wood-design: Fish Theme tessellation which I think is brilliant, beautiful.

MC Eschers 1940 fish drawing design






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