Fabulous Fibre or Textile Gold Hanging

Santa Clara 1 web

When we walked into the foyer of this hotel, way, way above the class of hotel where we usually stay – a one night treat – I took a deep breath when I saw this fabulous hanging, wondering if it was El Anatsui’s work – and though it probably isn’t, neither was it accredited.  No one could tell me if I was looking at  gold painted canvas perhaps, or paper – whatever, it is DRAMATIC, quite gorgeous and inspiring indeed.

Santa Clara 2 web

Santa Clara 3 web

These squares of whatever are less than 1″,  or say 2cm square, and joined by fibre or stitching,  but there seem to be 2 styles of joining, which give different texture areas.  The detail directly above, which I was able to see without handling it, suggests the ties go between two layers, suggestive of some of Kathy Loomis’ and Wen Redmond’s joined segmented works, but other parts seem to be linked with a metal piece, giving a more solid appearance.  Thought provoking anyway.





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  1. Wen Redmond says:

    Thank you Alison for the shout out! That piece is DE-licious!

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