New Small Works – Ebb & Flow 18-21

Continuing with the small works I have been doing, this group, “Ebb & Flow” #18 – #21,  are available for purchase at the gallery Acatras del Mercado  where my friends Yamandu and Sylvana show some of the finest contemporary art and craft being produced in Montevideo.

Pieced in colourful fabric, and quilted with metallic silver, the pieces are then  attached to the canvases I have been mounting the latest small pieces on.  This canvas is  8cm x 25cm which seems a bit odd, but it seemed a nice size in the range available by that manufacturer.  To stop the ends of the silver unravelling I dabbed each end with clear nail polish,  both practical and effective.

There will be some more of these and I will have a couple professionally photographed when I take a couple of larger new works to Eduardo before the end of the week.

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  1. Those look great all together on a wall. Hopefully that is how someone will buy them.

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